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Comments on Draft document on “Indian National Strategy for Standards (INSS)


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8th March 2018





Comments on Draft document on “Indian National Strategy for


Standards (INSS)



Dear Members ,


The council  has received communication from the Deputy Secretary, Trade Policy Division, Dept of Commerce, GoI  informing us about formulation of  Draft Indian National Strategy for Standards (INSS).


You will appreciate that importance of 'standards' in trade in goods and services is fast becoming critical for the domestic as well as international trade. Often, regulators in foreign markets mandate standards and conformity assessment procedures as a pre-condition for the trade. These rules determine both domestic and trans-border trade.   


The concerns over the impact of standards and technical regulations as non-tariff barriers (NTBs) in global trade are important for a developing country like India.


Understanding the implications of standards in domestic / international trade is, therefore, very important for the Central Government Ministries, State Government's as well as the Industry.


Upgrading to international standards, making standards mandatory, creating requisite infrastructural facilities like testing, certification, trace-back, packaging and labelling as well as schemes for promoting adherence to international standards can go a long way in meeting challenges that are employed by a country under Sanitary and Phyto-sanitary Agreement (SPS) and Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement (TBT) of WTO.


In this backdrop, Department of Commerce has been engaged in organizing various standards conclaves since 2014 so as to address various issues concerning regulatory eco-system in the country in a structured manner. Till now, 4 national and 10 regional standard conclaves have been organized across different cities in the country, where various stakeholders, like producers/exporters of agricultural, marine products along with those in industrial goods and services have participated and shared their problems and suggestions.


During the last (4th National Standards Conclave, 1-2 May 2017 at New Delhi), a draft strategy paper titled Indian National Standards Strategy (INSS) that was prepared as an outcome of last four years activities was discussed. The draft was also subsequently discussed with subject experts on various other fora, and now, a draft final strategy document has been readied.


Key objectives of this draft strategy are following:


  • Positioning standards as a key driver of all economic activities relating to goods and services.


  • Developing a comprehensive ecosystem in India for standards development taking into account the diversity of interests and expertise available.
  • Using standards as enhancer of competitiveness of Indian goods and services in domestic and international markets.


  • Providing level playing field to domestic industry.
  • Adopting best practices in standardization, conformity assessment, and technical regulations, and creating an integrated infrastructure, roadmaps and institutions for their effective management.


  • Playing an active role and taking leadership positions in apex international forums in the related areas.
  • Creating response mechanisms to global developments on standards, technical regulations, and conformity assessment practices that impact market access of Indian goods and services.


  • Aligning the Strategy with other national policies related to trade & industry, consumers and environment.



The draft  document on Indian National Strategy for Standards (INSS) is enclosed herewith for your  reference.


We look forward to comment/ inputs  by  24/03/2018 on  e-mail ids- and .


Your timely replies will be appreciated and enable us consolidate the responses and submit to  TPD, MOC by the stipulated deadline of 30/03/2018 for consideration.


Thanking you ,


Yours faithfully,



Indian National Strategy for Standards











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