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DGFT - EODC Camp in RAs during 11.6.2018 to 22.6.2018

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EODC Camp in RAs during 11.6.2018 to 22.6.2018


Dear Members,


The O/o Directorate General of Foreign Trade, New Delhi  has issued Trade Notice no 17/2018 dated 07/06/2018 regarding organisingEODC Camp in RAs during 11.6.2018 to 22.6.2018 in order to facilitate expeditious disposal of EODC applications. As per Trade Notice, it is  informed that following RAs would organise EODC camp from 11.6.2018 to 22.6.2018:


Mumbai Chennai CLA, New Delhi Bangalore Hyderabad Ahmedabad Vadodara Pune Surat
Further, we understand that following arrangements shall be made by RAs for this purpose:


a. Camp shall be organised either in a big Hall or in a place suitable to accommodate  staff and exporters.


b. RAs shall ensure presence of adequate number of staff and officers for disposal of cases in the camp itself. 


c. Presence of senior officers shall also be ensured during the camp. 

d. RAs should duly publicise the organisation of the camp and all exporters having pending applications for EODC should be intimated to visit the camp during the period.

e. Due to any reason if the case could not be decided at spot the same shall be taken up for subsequent examination. However, in no case, it shall take more than 3 days. 


f. Exporters are advised to visit the camp with all relevant documents prescribe in relevant    ANF for discharge of export obligation. 


g. RAs shall ensure that processing and disposal shall takes place on the same day in presence of applicant. 


h. Difficulties if any may be brought to the notice of HQs immediately.


Members (specially AA/ EPCG holders)  having EODC related issues are requested to take note and get touch with their respective RA’s and take it forward.   In due course, DGFT RA’s might issue their respective Trade Notices which will  be conveyed to the members, if necessary.


In case of persistent issues,  please write to us on &  .


Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,

(S.G. Bharadi)
Executive Director










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