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Extension of Special Refund Fortnight till 16.06.2018 (for clearing pending IGST/ Un-utilised ITC Refunds)

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Extension of Special Refund Fortnight till 16.06.2018


(for clearing pending  IGST/ Un-utilised ITC Refunds)





Dear Members,


As informed earlier,  Government has launched the second “Special Drive Refund Fortnight ”from 31.5.2018 to 14.6.2018. We understand that during this fortnight refunds of over Rs 7500 crore have been sanctioned.


In view of overwhelming response from exporters and pending claims, the period of Refund fortnight is being extended by two more days i.e up to 16th  June, 2018.


For the convenience of the member-exporter, we would like to  re-iterate following points:


  • All exporters whose refunds have been held up on account of short payment are required to make the payment of IGST equal to short payment and follow the instructions of Circular No.12/2018-Customs dated 29.5.2018. 


  • In IGST short payment cases, exporters whose aggregate IGST refund amount for the period July, 2017 to March, 2018 is up-to Rs. 10 Lakhs are required to submit self-certified copies of proof of payment of IGST to the concerned Customs office at the port of export.  Others are required to submit a certificate from a Chartered Accountant including the proof of payment.
  • All GST refund claimants, whose claims are still pending, are being encouraged to approach their jurisdictional Tax Authority for disposal of their refund claims submitted on or before 30.04.2018. In case the jurisdiction (i.e. Centre or State) has not been defined for a particular claimant, he/she can approach either of the jurisdictional tax authorities.


  • All claimants may note that  the refund application in FORM GST RFD-01A will not be processed unless a copy of the application, along with all supporting documents, is submitted to the jurisdictional tax office. Mere online submission is not sufficient.
  • All IGST refund claimants may register on ICEGATE website, if not already done, to check their refund status using IGST Validation details inquiry.


Exporters are requested to make the best of this extended drive and avail of the opportunity to get the refunds sanctioned during this special drive.  In case of any problem, member-exporters are advised to approach the Commissioner of Customs /Jurisdictional Tax Authorities, details of whom we have already provided in our earlier circulars.


In case of persistent issues, please free to contact us on &


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,















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