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India-Iran JWG 3rd Meeting of Joint Working Group (JWG) between India and Iran held on 13th-14th February, 2018 at Tehran, Iran - Follow up Action

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India-Iran JWG


3rd  Meeting of Joint Working Group (JWG) between


India and Iran


held on 13th-14th February, 2018


at Tehran, Iran - Follow up Action




Dear Members,


We have received communication from the Under Secretary (FT-SA), Department of Commerce, Government of India regarding minutes of 3rd meeting of Joint Working Group (JWG) between India and Iran, held on 13th-14th February, 2018 in Tehran, Iran.     The Indian delegation was led by Shri A.V Chaturvedi, IAS, DGFT.


We understand that during the meeting both the sides agreed to encourage private sector investments in the other  country for strengthening bilateral commercial and investment ties.


The Iranian side proposed cooperation in attracting foreign investment in Chabahar Free Zone for making Chabahar as a regional transportation hub using the expertise and experience of India and capability of Indian public and private sectors in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).   


The Iranian side further suggested that since Chabahar enjoys the benefit of low electricity tariffs, invited Indian energy intensive industries including petrochemical, steel and aluminium, to invest in this free zone.


In view of the same, ministry has also  sought necessary action by the EPC’s in exploring investment opportunities in Chabahar Free Zone by their members.   The minutes of the meeting  along-with Iranian request list for  Tariff concession is  also enclosed herewith for your reference and comments. 


Therefore, members are requested to revert with comments, if any, by 15/04/2018   on our e-mail id’s  e-mail id’s- &


Your early replies will be highly appreciated.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,


S.G. Bharadi
Executive Director









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