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India-Peru Trade Agreement- Request for additional Information


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EPC/LIC/INDIA-PERU    2nd January 2018



India-Peru Trade Agreement -  Request for additional Information

Dear Members,


This is in continuation of our earlier circular dated 14/12/2017 inviting inputs for India-Peru Trade Agreement Stakeholder consultation on Trade in Goods to finalise the Indian Wish list and also discuss concessions to be offered to Peru in chemicals.


For easy reference,  we had also circulated a tentative wish list provided by DoC which also included 1554 lines pertaining to chemicals (Ch 28-38), out of which 1345 lines have Zero import duty and rest 209 attract 6% MFN duty in Peru. The import duty on these lines in India is 5 / 7.5 / 10 / 20 %. 


We  had received very few inputs with limited information which were examined and accordingly put forth to the FT-LAC, DOC  for consideration during the stakeholder consultation meeting on 27/12/2017  organised under the   Chairmanship of Shri Shyamal Misra, IAS, Joint Secretary, EP-CAP, Department of Commerce.


During the meeting, council has been  advised to once again   interact with the industry, do the analysis and provide line by line comments / inputs / suggestions at the earliest latest by 15th January 2018, for their consideration covering  following:


  • Give our suggestion even for items where present MFN duty in Peru is Zero, with our suggestion whether to continue zero duty under FTA and suggestion for reduction in duty, if any, for items attracting higher MFN duty of 6% depending on their export potential in Peru and the information about our competitors and the concessions being offered by for export of their products to Peru.    
  • It has been informed that the items on which we are seeking concessions / zero duty access from Peru, we also have to reciprocate the same by giving similar concession / zero duty access on those products to Peru, except for the sensitive items. We are also required to provide the list of such sensitive items with justification and supporting data of production / demand.


  • In addition to above,  members may also highlight issues impacting our exports to Peru, such as Regulatory issues / Anti-dumping cases / NTBs /other issues, if any, for consideration of DoC.


To provide all the information to DoC,  we shall require  valuable inputs from the industry.

The  tentative wish list of items provided by DoC, is  being once again forwarded  your easy reference/ perusal.


Members therefore requested to send their inputs to the council  latest by 12th January 2018   on email ids-, and


Your timely replies with relevant information  will be highly appreciated.


Thanking You,


Yours faithfully,






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