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US GSP - Review of US GSP benefit on exports from India Stakeholders meeting on 04th May 2018 in New Delhi

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  • Review  of US GSP benefit on exports from India
  • Stakeholders meeting  on 04th May 2018 in New Delhi


Dear Members,


We have received communication  from the   EP-CAP Section, Department of Commerce and also FT-NAFTA Division, Department of Commerce, respectively,  regarding  Review  of US GSP and also a stakeholders meeting to deliberate on future course of action.


As you are aware,  the  United States Generalised System of Preferences (US-GSP) program provides for the duty-free treatment of designated articles when imported from   beneficiary developing countries.


However, the Office of US Trade Representative (USTR)  has announced that it is  reviewing the eligibility of India and some other countries based on concerns about compliance with the program. For India,  GSP country eligibility review is based on concerns   related to its compliance with  GSP  market access criteria.


In this regard, USTR has launched a self-initiated  GSP eligibility review of India based on concerns related to its compliance with market access criterion and is also accepting two petitions   related to same criterion.  The petitions are filed by  US diary industry and US medical device industry  requested a review of India’s GSP benefits, given the trade barriers affecting  US exports.  The US has  formally notified in Federal register on 27/04/2018 initiating Country Practice Review of  India regarding compliance with  GSP eligibility criteria and notice is submitted  for Public comments and hearing.  The US is asserting that India has implemented wide range of trade barriers  that adversely impact US Commerce.  The acceptance of these petitions and GSP self-initiated review will result in overall  review of India’s compliance with GSP market access criterion


The Federal Register (FR) provides for  interested parties to submit comments and hearing as per following timelines:


  • 5 June 2018 - Deadline for interested parties to submit comments, pre-hearing briefs and request to appear in the public hearing.



  • 19 June 2018:-   The Trade Policy Staff Committee (TPSC)  will hold a public hearing for interested parties.
  • A transcript of the public hearing will be available on within approximately two weeks after the date of the hearing.


  • 17 July 2018 - Deadline for interested parties to submit post-hearing briefs.



For the convenience of  the  exporters from chemical industry,  NAFTA Division, DoC has analysed   the current  GSP benefit being given by US to various the chemical  sector  items falling under Chapter 28 to 38.  The excel sheet having list of such items is enclosed herewith for your  ready  reference.


Members are requested to go through the list of items and also let us have your comments/ justification on the items being exported by your company  highlighting  why  GSP benefit should continue and  also how the GSP imports into India are  benefiting  US industry  as most the items are intermediates and raw materials. Further, you can also mention how such exports to US are also benefiting our own MSMEs.     Similarly, you can also impress upon your US importers  to take up these responses at  their end also.


Kindly note that  a stakeholders meeting is being  organised on 4th May 2018 in New Delhi under the Chairmanship of  Joint Secretary EP-CAP, DoC  to discuss the discuss the way forward in this matter.  Your early  replies  will enable us put forth  the  relevant justification/ responses for  various items.


Since time is short, members are requested to kindly  send their replies  latest by 03/05/2018 on e-mail ids- &    so that we can update the  Department of Commerce accordingly  during the stakeholders meeting.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,









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