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Home» Circulars» Webinar On ‘simplified Authorization In Eu For Biocides’ On Thursday 25th November 2021 From 3 4pm Ist

Webinar on ‘Simplified Authorization in EU for Biocides’ on Thursday, 25th November 2021 from 3-4pm (IST)



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Webinar on


‘Simplified Authorization in EU for Biocides’


on Thursday, 25th November 2021 from 3-4pm (IST)




Dear Members,


Biocides have gained a lot of importance after the COVID-19 pandemic, and many companies have expanded themselves into marketing disinfectant products. To market Biocidal Products in the EU, manufacturers must understand the EU BPR legislation/local Biocidal legislation and implement relevant Regulatory routes.

Biocidal Products with a simple formulation that does not impose any harmful effect on the environment, humans, and any non-target organisms have an easy route – “Simplified Authorization” to enter the EU market. This encourages products having active ingredients that are listed under Annex I BPR (active substances that are known to have very low toxicity).

Companies manufacturing such simple formulations have the benefits of escaping from long evaluation timelines, data generation, and other Regulatory burdens. Many companies are taking this as an opportunity to enter the EU disinfectant market.

To give you a better perspective on the Simplified Authorization process, Chemexcil in association with Freyr Global Regulatory Services & Solutions is organizing an exclusive webinar on “Simplified Authorization of Biocides in the EU.”

Please note it will be a pre-recorded session and free to join webinar but prior registration is mandatory.

Details of the webinar are given below. 


Sr. No.

Particulars of Webinar




Simplified Authorization in EU for Biocides


Date and Day

Thursday, 25th November 2021


Time and Duration

3 - 4 pm IST (1 hr)


Topics to be covered

a)        What is Simplified Authorization
b)        Technical Requirements
c)        Benefits to company over choosing SA route
d)        Regulatory pathway
e)        Simplified authorized product associated claims
f)         Member states and SA application data
g)        Questions & Answers


Registration Link



  • Mr Vishwajeet Mohan, AGM, Regulatory Strategic Services, Freyr Solutions
  • Mr Divanshu Chawla, Team Lead, Biocides, Chemicals Safety and Regulatory Affairs, Freyr Solutions


Who should attend

  • Chemical industry (manufacturer, supplier, distributor)
  • Biocide product manufacturers
  • Service industry in Chemical domain
  • Regulatory affairs professionals



Members are advised to register on the link for confirming their participation.

Since it is a pre-recorded webinar, there won't be any Q&A session. However, Members are requested to note their questions / feedback and send it to with copy to . The replies will be sent directly by Freyr Solutions on your email id.

We are sure that this webinar will provide quality content and help you to stay compliant.
Members are therefore requested to attend this webinar and benefit from the same.   

Thanking you    

Yours Faithfully,     

Deepak Gupta
Acting Executive Director






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