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Chemexcil’s Participation in Color & SpeChem and Agri Vietnam 2019 26th - 28th June 2019 at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, followed by Buyer Seller meet at Thailand on 1st July 2019.

Basic Chemicals, Cosmetics & Dyes Export Promotion Council
(Set-up by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt of India)

Jhansi Castle, 4th Floor, 7 Cooperage Road, Mumbai - 400 001.India.

Tel : +91 22 22021288 / * Fax : +91 22 22026684

* E-mail : Web :


EPC/PROJ/EXHB/ Color, SpeChem and Agri Vietnam 2019 






Chemexcil’s Participation


in Color & SpeChem and Agri Vietnam 2019 26th - 28th June 2019

at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), Ho Chi Minh City,

Vietnam, followed by Buyer Seller meet at Thailand on 1st July 2019.





Dear Members,



It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that Council has decided to participate in Color & SpeChem and Agri Vietnam 2019 (Coating Vietnam 2019 is conjunction) under the Market Access Initiative (MAI) scheme of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India, which will be held from 26th - 28th June 2019 at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The objective of this event is to showcase Quality Indian Products to the prospective buyers to enhance India’s exports in this region.


Sr. No.

Particulars of Event

Date of Event


Product Profile


6th Color+Spechem, Agri  Vietnam 2019

26-28 June, 2019

Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) HCMC, Vietnam

Dyes and Dye Intermediates, Specialty Chemicals. Agriculture Chemicals, Bio-pesticides, Chemical Fertilizer, etc


Buyer Seller Meet, Thailand

1st July 2019


Dyes Dye Intermediates, Basic Organic, Inorganic Chemicals including Agrochemicals, Cosmetics Soaps and Toiletries and Specialty Chemicals



COLOR VIETNAM AND SPECHEM VIETNAM (previously called Coating Vietnam) the only International Expo for Coatings, Pigment, Ink Industry and Speciality Chemicals. The Expo is jointly organized by China National Chemical Information Centre (CNCIC) and VEAS. The consumption of Coating Products and Speciality Chemicals has increased considerably in the recent year; 8-10% of coating consumption is met by imports.  Vietnam has a huge demand for organic pigments imports, and other paint and printing ink products, technical expertise and raw materials etc., Hence Vietnam is an emerging market with enormous potential to be tapped.

 The event will feature products from Basic Chemicals, Catalysts and Additives, Dyes and Pigments, Agricultural Chemicals, Food Additives, Water treatment Chemicals, Petroleum Chemical, Mineral Chemicals, Photographic materials, Household Chemicals, Cosmetics, Perfume, Cleaning agents, Biological  Technology, Electronic Chemicals, Paint raw materials, Oil & Fatty acids, Resin, Extenders, Pigments, Additives, Solvents Color Vietnam 2019 and SpeChem Vietnam 2019 air to attract Supplier and Manufacturers in the areas of Coating Equipment and Machinery, Surface Technology, Lab and Testing Equipment, Health Safety and Environment Expertise, Coating Chemicals and Raw Materials, end products like Paints (Epoxy, automobile Coating, Power Coating, Wood Coating, Marine & Protective Coating, Decorative Coating, etc.), Printing Ink (offset Gravure, Flexo, Silkscreen, Digital-nano, etc) 


 ·         Raw materials for Basic Chemical, Catalysts and Additives, Dyes and Pigments, Agricultural Chemicals, Food Additives, Water Treatment Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Petroleum Chemical, Mineral Chemicals, Photographic Materials, Household Chemicals, Cosmetics, Perfumes ,etc.

 ·         Paint Raw Materials, Oil and Fatty Acids, Resin, Extenders, Pigments, Additives, Solvents


The details of stall charges are mentioned below.


Particulars of Event

Charges for Participation

6th Color + Spechem, Agri Vietnam 2019

6 Stall Charges Rs. 1,95,000/-per company Plus 10% extra for corner space

Buyer Seller Meet, Thailand

Rs. 20,000/-per company


Stall Refund

Members eligible for MAI grant as per revised MAI guidelines are entitled to get refund of 50% or more, subject to fulfilling of all MAI conditions.


·         As per the Revised MAI guidelines of the Ministry, a company that has participated THRICE in a particular fair will not be eligible for subsidized stall rates & reimbursement of airfare and hence, would be required to pay the full cost of stall.
·         Members who have participated in two exhibitions through CHEMEXCIL in the same financial year under MAI scheme will not be eligible for subsidized stall rates & reimbursement of airfare. In such eventuality, the company will have to pay the full cost of stall.
·         The participating company should be a Member of the Council at least for a period of 12 Months, for claiming airfare.
·         As per the MAI guidelines only Director/Partner/Proprietor of the company are eligible to get the airfare reimbursement.
·         For reimbursement of airfare, export turnover of the participating company in the immediate preceding year should not be more than Rs. 30 Crores. In case the turnover is more than 30 cr. then member will get the subsidised stall charges subject to fulfilling of above condition but they will not get the reimbursement of airfare.

·         The Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MoC&I) has approved the reimbursement of Airfare to the Member-Exporters participating in this exhibition. The reimbursement will be done as per the terms and conditions laid down by the MoC&I under old MDA Scheme and after receipt of funds from the ministry.

·         The participating company should submit export returns to the Council regularly.

·         The firm should register the tour 14 days in advance from the date of departure by submitting application (attached herewith) where date of receipt of application by the Council and date of departure is not considered for counting 14 days.
·         Chemexcil will issue visa recommendation letter only after receipt of stall payment.

Eligible members as per old MDA guidelines have to submit their refund of airfare application to council 15 days prior to the exhibition. After completion of exhibition, within one month final claim has to be submitted to the council on which council will forward to ministry for their approval. On receipt of approval along with fund from ministry, the airfare will be reimbursed to participate.


 6 booth with a Fascia mentioning the Company Name and booth Number, Carpet, 2 Fluorescent Tubes 40W, 1 Information Counter, 2 Folding Chair, 1 Socket 13Amp/220 Volt, 1 Wastepaper Basket.
 Council will provide electricity only for the shell scheme.
 Shell Scheme is available for 6 sq mt stalls only.



Due to limited availability of stalls and MAI assistance, the stalls for Color+Spechem, Agri  Vietnam 2019 will be allocated strictly on “First come First serve” basis only subject to receipt of payment.
Exhibitors failing to the above condition may be denied the stall at Color Vietnam 2019/ SpeChem Vietnam 2019

TERMS OF PAYMENT FOR Color + Spechem, Agri  Vietnam 2019 :

RTGS / NEFT Details:-

Beneficiary Name

CHEMEXCIL SBI A/C NO 10996680758

Bank Name

State Bank of India

Branch Add

Mumbai Samachar Marg, Fort, Mumbai

Branch Code


Account No





Cheque/Demand Draft should be drawn in favour of CHEMEXCIL SBI A/C NO. 10996680758.
 Please send scan copy of cheque on-  mentioning the name of your company and the name of scheme.

  • Please send the cheques at below address, Kindly Attention: Mr. Suhas Bansode


4th Floor, Jhansi Castle, 7, Cooperage Road,
Next to Campion School
Mumbai:-400 001
Tel. No. (022)-22021288/1330/0911/5861
Direct No.:-022-22835948

 We are sure that this Exhibition would provide ample opportunities to the exporting community like you for meaningful interaction and concluding business deals, we look forward to your active participation in the same.

 Thanking you and awaiting your kind communication,

 Yours faithfully,
Executive Director


Rules & Regulations














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