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Home» Circulars» Chemexcil Is Organizing Trade Delegation To Lac Buyer Seller Meet In Mexico Peru Colombia And Brazil Rtment Of Commerce Industry Goiunder Mai Scheme Of Depa Final Approval Awaited

Chemexcil is organizing Trade Delegation to LAC (Buyer Seller meet in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Brazil) rtment of Commerce & Industry, GOIunder MAI Scheme of Depa Final Approval Awaited



Basic Chemicals, Cosmetics & Dyes Export Promotion Council
(Set-up by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt of India)
Jhansi Castle, 4th floor, 7-Cooperage Road,   Mumbai - 400 001. India.
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EPC/PROJ/ICE-LAC/2022-2023                                                                               8th September 2022



All Members of the Council 



Chemexcil is organizing Trade Delegation to LAC


(Buyer Seller meet in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Brazil)


under MAI Scheme of Department of Commerce & Industry, GOI.


(Final Approval Awaited!)



Dear Members,

Greetings from CHEMEXCIL!

We are glad to inform you that Chemexcil is organizing a Buyer Seller Meet (BSM)  in the Latin American Countries region (Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Brazil) under the MAI scheme of the Dept. of Commerce and Industry. This buyer-seller meet will be supported by respective Indian embassies and consulate generals in these Countries.

During this event, Indian Chemical exporters can interact and strengthen their relationships with the buyers in these countries.

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry has principally approved this event during the discussion but final approval is awaited from them. (Market Access Initiative). Hence the event will be conducted only after the receipt of written approval from the DOC,

Meanwhile,  members can book the BSM by processing the payment.

Further, we advise members before booking air tickets please consult the Chemexcil team.

The Panel Wise Exports of items coming under the purview of the council to Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Brazil for the year 2021-22 in USD Million are as under,



2021-22 (Provisional)  in Million





(32) Dyes & (29) Dye Intermediates





(28) Inorganic, (29) Organic & (38)  Agro chemicals





(33) Cosmetics,  (34) Soaps, Toiletries and (33) Essential oils





(15) Castor Oil










Source: DGCI&S




The proposed event schedule is as under,


 Sr. No.




Subsidized Participation Charges

Non-Subsidized Participation Charges


Buyer Seller Meet in Mexico

10 Nov 2022





Buyer Seller Meet in Lima, Peru

15 Nov 2022




Buyer Seller Meet in Bogota, Columbia

17 Nov2022




Buyer Seller Meet in Sao Paulo, Brazil

22 Nov 2022






1.      It is mandatory to participate in all the 4 Buyer Seller Meets in order to avail  MAI benefit,

2.      Participation charges mentioned are subsidized rate & are non refundable.

3.   Translator Services:This service will be provided on a chargeable basis. The translator fee will be confirmed before the month, and payments can be made on the spot to the service provider directly.

Venue:  Venue for BSM would be communicated as soon as council finishes negotiations.
Participation Guidelines:


 A.            MAI  GRANT.


a.      The event is proposed to be covered under the Market Access Initiative (MAI) scheme of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India for the year 2022-2023. 

b.      MAI grant in terms of Participation Charges & Air fare Charges will be availableonly to eligible 30 no. of exhibitors  on  first come (Payment) first served (Allocation) basis.

c.        As per the MAI guidelines of the Ministry, a company which has participated THRICE in a particular Fair/Show will not be eligible for any reimbursement of MAI grant.

d.         Companies which  have participated inthree events through CHEMEXCIL in the same financial year (2022-2023 ) under MAI scheme will not be eligible for MAI grants, in that case they have to make the full payment, i.e. Non Subsidized Participation Charges i.e. Rs. 55000/- per BSM. (It is mandatory to participate in any 3 Buyer Seller Meets)

e.           Charges mentioned for participation in this event are the subsidized rates hence no refund will be initiated by council during or after the event.

 B.          AIR FARE GRANT


a.      Those who would like to join this BSM and will participate in all the 4 BSM’s are eligible to get reimbursement of travel expenses by air. (Actual or maximum of up to Rs.125,000/- whichever is less)

b.       Reimbursement of air-fare (is only eligible for economy class) to the exporting companies (Exhibiting Company) with an F.O.B. value of exports below Rs. 50 crore in the preceding financial year.

c.        Companies having export turnover “NIL” are not entitled to get Reimbursement of air-fare.

d.        Members should have completed 12 months of Membership of council.

e.         Regularly filing Export returns with the council

f.        Air fare will be permissible only to the regular Director / Partner/Proprietor or a regular officer of the company on senior managerial position

g.        Air fare Claim forms duly filled in and complete in all respects must be submitted to the council within 45 days of return to India.

 C.         GENERAL

a.           A company having DEL STATUS (as per DGFT) is not eligible for participation under MAI scheme.

b.       Once the event is over, participants, must submit the outcome report. Format will be provided by Chemexcil on site or on email

c.        Chemexcil will issue a visa recommendation letter as soon as you complete and submit the payment details. Please send us the scan copy of the passport photograph of the person along with his designation in the attached Excel form who is attending this event. It is mandatory to submit the scan copy of the passport photo.

d.           In case of short of participation, the council will not participate and organize the BSM hence before booking air tickets and hotel accommodation do consult with the Council.

e.           The Airfare Reimbursement will be done after finalization of Accounts in Ministry & Subject to receipt of funds from the Govt. of India.

f.             Event is subject to cancellation in absence of approval.

g.           The Event is being organized  on a best efforts basis.  However, all the exhibitors are expected to use their commercial jurisprudence while negotiating prices, payment terms, and delivery terms. CHEMEXCIL cannot guarantee the market credibility and/or financial stability of any buyer attending these meetings.
In every country, the Council does not guarantee a specific number of meetings.

h.           The Council does not guarantee that there will be food or other hospitality arrangements during or after the event.

i.             Members can contact & invite their buyers in those countries for the BSM.

j.            Company profile and Participation fees must reach in 7-days’ time. Please send your company profile, Application form 1 & 2 form in attached format to word format to print the catalogue of CHEMEXCIL participants.

  Please submit the Profile in the 3 Formats i.e. English, Spanish & Portuguese



a.           Event is subject to cancellation in absence of approval.
b.          No refund in case of

a.   Any cancellation from Participating company
b.  If payment is processed to respective vendors by council
c.   If the venue changes at the last moment by the organizer.

c.            Full Refund will be initiated if the council withdraws / Cancels the event because of some reasons.

E. TERMS OF PAYMENT:- Full Payment in Advance

F. MODE OF PAYMENT:- By Bank transfer at below bank

*      Name of Account: - CHEMEXCIL SBI A/C. NO. 10996680758

*      Account No: - 10996680758

*     Type of Account: - Current

*    Name and address of Bank: - STATE BANK OF INDIA, MUMBAI MAIN BRANCH

*     IFSC CODE:- SBIN0000300


Since we have limited space, allocation of the stalls/space will be on a first come (Payment) first served (Allocation) basis.

For confirming your Interest and more information,  you can contact Mr. Prasad Arolkar- Project Executive, CHEMEXCIL on or on +91-22-2202 1288/ 1330 M-+91 9773050470 and Mr. Prafulla Walhe – Deputy Director on   or on +91-22-2202 1288/ 1330.

We hope that this event will provide an opportunity for fruitful interaction and attractive business deals for our exporting community.

Thanking you and awaiting your kind communication.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,


Deepak Gupta

Acting Executive Director



Encl : LAC Company Profile Format 2021-22
MAI Application Form
Revised Format of Participants Application Form 2 for Exhibition & BSM

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