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Basic Chemicals, Cosmetics & Dyes Export Promotion Council
(Set-up by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt of India)
Jhansi Castle, 4th Floor, 7 Cooperage Road, Mumbai - 400 001.India.
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EPC/Chem-Service-2/                                                                                       24th March, 2020






Dear Sir/Madam,


Further w.r.t. CHEMEXCIL Circular EPC/Chem-Service dtd. 19.03.2020 and as per the directives from Government of Maharashtra and other State Governments various directives, It has been decided by the management of CHEMEXCIL that all Offices of Chemexcil  at Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata & New Delhi shall be working from home with a view to safeguard CHEMEXCIL employees and Member Exporters from spreading of COVID-19, we are forced to take preventive measures with effect immediate effect untill 31.03.2020.


Further to continue delivering our core services like issuance of RCMC, Certificate of Origin, Export  Performance Certificate, Policy matters, etc. to our esteemed member exporters with same efficiency and in this regard we seek your kind support and cooperation.


1.     We advise all member exporters not to travel and visit to CHEMEXCIL offices and instead submit all your documents online and use e-mails and phone calls to reach out to CHEMEXCIL.


2.     All requests for RCMC/Membership, Renewal, Endorsement, and Amendment must be submitted online using the link below. CHEMEXCIL has dispensed with issuance of hard copy of the RCMC and the same is now issued in soft copy to the registered e-mail ID of the member


3.   All Certificate of Origin must be applied online using the link below and request for the same to be delivered to you by courier


4.  For any Membership related query kindly send e-mail to;;;


Mr. Charudatta Paradkar - 9004202920;;

Mrs Pramila - 9969008079;

Ms Kalpana - 9833098213;

Ms Neelam - 7045944379;


5.  For any REACH related query kindly send to  Ms Amrita Sharma - 7718878110 e-mail with copy to Mr Prafulla Walhe - 9930979737 .


6.  Certificate of Origin related query kindly send to  Ms. Jenny - 7738364255 e-mail with copy to .


7.  All grievances related to Foreign Trade Policy, DGFT, Customs, GST, queries related to Banking and Shipping may be sent to Mr Deepak Gupta  - 9869984692 E-mail ID with CC to  Mr S G Bharadi - 9867554141


8.   Member Exporters from Gujarat Region may contact Ms. Mona Shah -9909908018, on  e-mail ID


 9.   Member Exporters from Delhi Region may contact Dr. Tiwari  - 9818009118 or Ms. Pooja  at e-mail ID


10. Member Exporters from Eastern Region (Kolkata) may contact Mr. Soumen Guha - 9831507356 at e-mail ID


11. Member Exporters from South Region may contact Mr. Vicky Moolchandani - 8147650530 e-mail ID   


As social isolation is the best way to prevent the spread of this virus and strong measures needs to be taken to break the chain of person to person transmission, we hope you will appreciate our efforts to continuing our services to member exporters and seek your kind support and cooperation in this regard.


We also welcome your suggestions and comments in this regard which may be sent by e-mail to;;;


With warm regards

Yours Sincerely,




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