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DGFT Discontinuation of issue of physical copy of MEIS/SEIS scrips for EDI ports with effect from 10.04.2019


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EPC/LIC/MEIS                                                                                                      04/04/2019





Discontinuation of issue of physical copy of MEIS/SEIS scrips for EDI ports with effect from 10.04.2019



Dear Members,

As an ease of doing business measure, O/o Directorate General of Foreign Trade, New Delhi has issued Trade Notice 03/2015-2020 dated  3rd  April 2019   regarding discontinuation of issue of physical copy of MEIS/SEIS scrips for EDI ports with effect from 10.04.2019.

For the sake of convenience of the members, the changes are highlighted as follows:

  • To start with, this facility of paperless scrip will be available for EDI ports only and will not be available for non-EDI/ SEZ ports. 
  • Applicants will continue to apply for MEIS/SEIS as per current procedure on DGFT website ( However, RAs will not issue any hard copy of scrip to the applicants. Instead, after approval, the applicant will get the following message on the mobile and email address (as indicated in the MEIS/ SEIS application module) that,


"Scrip No.... dated....... has been issued against RA File No ……… No scrip on security paper is required to be issued. You can print/view scrip details at MEIS ECOM module on DGFT website. Information relating to transfer of scrip has to be recorded on DGFT website ( before the scrip can be used."


  • In order to take a printout of the scrip, the applicant needs to choose MEIS/ SEIS scheme link in the ECOM module and then log-in on DGFT website ( using digital signature. After login, all MEIS/SEIS Scrips issued to the firm will be available in PDF form, so that the applicant can print/ save the Scrip for his own reference.
  • Based on the PDF Print, Applicant can approach Customs for necessary debit without insisting of Scrips Printed on Security paper as on date. 


  • Online Transfer procedure as intimated will be in place as already notified. TRA facility from EDI Port to NON EDI Port / SEZ Port will not be available.  (Amended Para 3.08 FTP Vide Public Notice No. 84/2015-20 Dt. 03.04.2019)


Members are requested to take note of this important change w.e.f 10/04/2019.  For further details, relevant members can refer to the said Trade Notice using  links provided above.

Difficulties, if any, may be put forth to the concerned  DGFT officers.  Persistent issues can also be highlighted to the council on &  for taking the same with O/o  DGFT.


Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,



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