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Egyptian -Advanced Cargo Information mandatory w.e.f 1st Oct 2021



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EPC/LIC/EGYPT/ACI                                                                          6th Sept 2021






Egyptian -Advanced Cargo Information mandatory w.e.f  1st Oct 2021



Dear Members,


We have received  communication  from FT-WANA Division, Department of Commerce, GOI  informing us that the Egyptian Government has introduced a new electronic system for pre-registration of shipment information i.e.  Advanced Cargo Information(ACI) which will be mandatory for all shipments arriving at Egyptian seaports w.e.f  01.10.2021.


In Accordance with the new Egyptian Custom Law, a pre-registration is required for all exporting countries who wants to export the good into Egypt,  which is known as Advance Cargo Information (ACI) shipment. Registration will be strictly mandatory for all Egypt Importers under which Egyptian importers are required to declare full information about goods to be shipped to Egypt before actual loading from exporting countries. Upon the acceptance of Egyptian Authorities, a unique 19 digit number called (ACID number) will be issued for each shipment to exporter.
Members are requested  to take  note of this new requirement in Egypt and do the needful accordingly. For more clarification, please also refer to enclosed communication dated   dated 01.09.21   received by DoC from    Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt (Commercial Bureau) in New Delhi. 


Information is also available on .


Feed-backs, if any, may also be sent to us on email id's: &  for records/ further deliberations, if required.    for records/ further  deliberations, if needed.


Thanking you.


Yours faithfully


Deepak Gupta
Acting Executive Director



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