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JNCH - Procedure to be followed for EGM error SB006 related to ICDs

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Procedure to be followed for EGM error SB006 related to ICDs





Dear Members,


Kindly note that the O/o Commissioner of Customs (NS-G) Mumbai Zone-II, Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House has issued  Public Notice No. 94/2018  dated 07.06.2018   regarding Procedure to be followed for EGM error SB006 related to ICDs.


As you might be aware, revalidation of EGMs at Gateway Port after rectification of EGM Errors (C and N errors of SB006) is being carried out on the basis of the copy of Shipping bill, Invoice, packing list and Bill of lading.


However, it is noticed that in some cases even after rectification of EGM error, the same cannot be revalidated in the System for the reasons summarised as follows:


  • Truck/ Train summary (Local EGM at ICD) has not been filed or filed after Gateway EGM date.  In this situation, filing of supplementary EGM is a must.


  • M error (Gateway port code given in Truck/ Train summary differs from actual Gateway port) and L errors (Let Export Order date being later than Sailing date) also figures in SB006 Error.  Exporters before sending the required documents through mail are advised to first get the M and L error corrected at ICD, if any.
  • Container number and Shipping line mentioned in Bill of Lading at ICD for LCL consignments often differs from those mentioned in the Shipping Bill as their LCL cargo is de-stuffed at Gateway Port and re-stuffed into another container at the Gateway port. The correct  Container Number is recorded, in such cases, in the Master Bill of Lading and not the House Bill of Lading.


  • Exporters while emailing/providing copy of relevant documents for rectification of C and N error are, therefore, advised to ensure that copy of Master BL must also be emailed/provided, in case of LCL consignments.


Concerned members are requested to take note of  above  and do the needful accordingly.  For further details, members may use below link for reference/ download-


Thanking You,


Yours faithfully,


Executive Director












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