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Miscellaneous functionalities/changes enabled in ICES

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EPC/LIC/JNCH                                                                                                        19.04.2021






Miscellaneous functionalities/changes enabled in ICES



Dear Members,


We would like to inform you that the O/o Pr. Commissioner of Customs (NS-I), Appraising Main (Import), JNCH has issued Public Notice No. 33/2021 dated 15th April  2021 regarding Miscellaneous functionalities/changes enabled in ICES.


With reference to ICES Advisory No. 11/2021 dated 13.04.2021 issued by Directorate General of Systems and Data Management on the above subject,  member-exporters are hereby informed about the following new functionalities and provisions made in the System for their benefit:


(1) Option to Retransmit Shipping Bills to RBI:

Instances have been received from the trade where shipping bills details do not get reflected in RBI System (EDPMS) at times, creating difficulties in foreign exchange receipts by them. For resolving such issues, an option has been enabled for the field officers under AMEND role in ICES to retransmit the shipping bills to RBI. This is similar to the option available to retransmit SBs to DGFT.


(2)  Discontinuation of printing Examination Instructions in the first copy of Bill of Entry: Considering that most of the BEs will now be filed in advance after the budgetary changes in Sec 46 of the Act, system has now discontinued the printing of examination instructions in the first copy of Bill of Entry. Instead, examination instructions will now be sent to the importer or the Customs Broker by System over e-mail after goods registration is complete. These instructions will also not be available in View BE options till the goods are registered.


(3)  Inclusion of Indo Mauritius CECPA document code under CAROTAR:

You might be aware of  ICES Advisory No. 34/2020 dated 17.09.2020 conveyed vide JNCH Public Notice No. 120/2020 dated 17.09.2020 for enabling the provision for capturing additional details at the time of filing of Bills of Entry as per CAROTAR, 2020. Further, CBIC has also issued  Notification No. 25/2021- Customs dated 31.03.2021 providing preferential rates for the India Mauritius CECPA and provision for applicability of Customs (Administration of Rules of Origin under Trade Agreement) Rules i.e. CAROTAR.


For the above Indo Mauritius CECPA, the detail of PTA/FTA notification and corresponding COO document code as to be declared in the Bill of Entry is mentioned below. As in the case of imports under other FTAs, the Certificate of Origin pertaining to the CECPA will have to be mandatorily uploaded on eSanchit and corresponding IRN should be declared for the items covered in the Bill of Entry.










Members are requested to take note of above and do the needful accordingly.     The said JNCH PN  is also available for reference on below link-  


Feed-backs, if any may be sent to the Council on our email id's:  & .


Thanking you.    


Yours Faithfully,    


Deepak Gupta

Acting Executive Director






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