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Monitoring of export obligation fulfilment under EPCG and Advance Authorization Schemes

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EPC/LIC/CBEC/EODC   3rd May, 2017




Monitoring of export obligation fulfilment under EPCG and Advance Authorization Schemes


Dear Members,


Kindly note that the   Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) has issued Circular vide ref No. 16/2017-Customs dated  2nd May, 2017 regarding monitoring of export obligation fulfilment under EPCG and Advance Authorization Schemes.


As you are aware, exporters have to submit  Export Obligation Discharge Certificate (EODC) to relevant Customs  Houses within the stipulated time period, failing which, there are directions to take action as  per relevant customs notifications.  However, the exporters plead that they have submitted documents to DGFT for issuance of EODC and that adjudication process of their SCN may be kept in abeyance till the time EODC is issued to them by DGFT.


The matter has been examined by CBEC and is informed through this circular  that, the field formations may issue simple notice to the licence/authorization holders for submission of proof of discharge of export obligation. In case where the licence/authorization holder submits proof of their application having been submitted to DGFT, the matter may be kept in abeyance till the same is decided by DGFT.  However, in cases where the licence/authorization holder fails to submit proof of their application for EODC/Redemption Certificate, extension/clubbing etc., action for recovery may be initiated by enforcement of Bond/Bank Guarantee. In cases of fraud, outright evasion, etc., Customs field formations shall continue to take necessary action in terms of the relevant provisions.


Members are requested to take note of the  same and for further details, may download the circular using below link: <>


Thanking You,


Yours faithfully,



Executive Director


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