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Online Issuance of Certificate of Origin



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EPC:ADM:CERT.OF ORIGIN:                                                         01st September 2021.








Online Issuance of Certificate of Origin



Dear Member-exporters,


As you are aware, Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India has authorized the CHEMEXCIL to issue Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin (NPCO).



The DGFT has now introduced a one stop portal for all the needs of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs), Certificate of Origin (CoO), and information on export products. The link of portal is



Now Exporters needs to apply on above portal for obtaining the Certificate of Origin online.



Enclosed is the Manuals


    • For Registration of Exporters for CoO portal

    • For Exporters Login on CoO portal

    • Online Application process for Certificate of Origin



Below is the check list for exporters registration on CoO portal


    • The Exporter must have the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and IEC (Import Export Code).

    • Ensure that the IEC details are updated and are the same as given in the DGFT portal. Details about exporter will be fetched as-is from the DGFT portal using the IEC number.

    • If IEC details need to be updated, please update it first in the DGFT portal, especially email id and mobile number as no edit will be allowed in the CoO portal.

    • The Exporter must ensure the DSC software is installed in the computer system that is used for the Registration purpose.

    • DSC must have the IEC code embedded.

    • Insert Digital Signature Device before the registration.

    • Technical requirements:

    • Java needs to be available in the computer system. If not, it has to be installed in the system using any browser

    • After this step, go to ‘Configure Java’ in Program Menu.

    • Add to Site List under Security, the URL


Exporters Login to the CoO portal for Online Application for Certificate of Origin


    • Enter your Username (IE Code) and Password (you will be receiving from DGFT after registration)., enter the Captcha. Click on the Login button

    • If Login is successful, The Dashboard for Exporter is displayed.

    • Click on First Sub Menu option “Apply for Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin” under Main Menu “Application for Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin” on Left-hand side

    • Enter State (Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka), Choose Issuing Agency (BASIC CHEMICALS COSMETICS & DYES EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL), Regional Office, Issuing Office in that order.

    • Then, Enter the Invoice Number, Product Details, Raw Material. If more products need to be added, click on “Save and Add more” button.

    • Enter Description of Goods.

    • Click on “Please check & confirm that you have added export products details for this certificate”

    • Upload Document Details (ensure they are digitally signed) by clicking on the Upload button. Click on the “+” button next to it to upload more documents.

    • Add comments if any

    • Enter information in the Declaration statement and click on the checkbox below to confirm that details given in the online form are accurate.

    • Enter the Declaration Place, Name and Designation.

    • If the form is complete in all ways, click on the “Submit” button to submit the application using DSC. Otherwise, click on “Save as a Draft” button.


After Submit, the System displays the Order Summary with Certificate Name, Agency Name, Amount and the GST breakup and the Total Amount to be paid. Click on “Proceed to Payment” button to make the payment.


As soon as exporters processes the payment Chemexcil shall get an intimation on exporters application and payment details. Chemexcil will verify the details and issue online COO immediately.


We request members  to take note of this new change and apply for COO as per above procedure.  For any assistance,  any enquiry contact DGFT Helpdesk :  

For any query/ information, please feel free to contact Mr. Vicky Moolchandani, Regional Officer, Chemexcil RO,  Bengaluru,  Ph: +91-8147650530 E-mail:  or Mr. Sunmeetsingh Brar, Regional Director, Chemexcil RO,  Ahmedabad,  Ph: +91-9909909982 
E-mail: & Mrs. Jenny Lawrence, Ph: +91-7738364255


Yours faithfully,

Deepak Gupta
Acting Executive Director


Encl: 1) Manual for Registration in CoO portal for Exporters
           2) Manual for Login to the CoO portal for Exporters / Apply for Certificate of Origin



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