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Reduction in time lines for Submission of Product Registration abroad claims-Regarding


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EPC: REG: MAI: 2021-2022  


29th Dec 2021





  Reduction in time lines for Submission of Product

Registration abroad claims–Regarding


All Members of the Counci


Dear Members,


This is regarding change in time lines for Submission of Product Registration abroad claims.


You are aware that, under the Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme of Dept of Commerce and Industry Govt. of India, exporters are reimbursed overseas product (chemicals / agrochemicals / cosmetics) registration charges subject to Ceiling for reimbursement of 50% of the registration charges up to a maximum of Rs 2 crore per annum per exporter on Sharing Pattern (50%: 50% ) under the statutory compliance regulations in buyer’s countries.


At present, the scheme is valid for a period of five years i.e 1st  April 2021- 31st  March 2026. (Subject to change)


Under this scheme,  apart from registration charges paid to Govt Authority following components of Chemicals, Agrochemicals and Cosmetics registrations also considered for reimbursement.


  1. Data generation Cost

  2. Letter of access cost,

  3. Data Study/Purchase Cost

  4. Research on existing data for registration purpose.

  5. Evaluation cost,

  6. Consultancy cost (Only representative, authorized person appointment fees while registering the product),

  7. Study monitoring


Exporters were supposed to submit the claim document within 90-days of product registration (Date of registration certificate).


In this regard, we wish to bring to your kind notice an important change whereby  the Empowered Committee of MAI held on 05.10.2021 has decided on the timelines for submission for Product registration MAI claims by the exporters to EPC (Export Promotion Council i.e Chemexcil).


  • The time-limit for submission of the claims by exporters to EPC is reduced to 45 days (from the existing 90 days) from the date of receipt of registration.


  • EPC (Chemexcil) can take maximum of 45 days for processing of these claims & submitting discrepancy free claim to the DoC.


Hence, members have to submit their Product registration claims with complete information/documents within 45 days from the date of Registration Certificate.( i.e. REACH Registration, Agrochemical, Cosmetics Registrations, etc.)


As a Policy, It is mandatory for Chemexcil to provide a certificate to DOC stating that the claim is received from member with complete information within 45 days from the date of Registration Certificate


Please note, claims received after 45 days of product registration will not be considered by the Council for recommendation to Ministry of Commerce and Industry as per the Empowered Committee decision.


Members are advised to take note of this important change in the guidelines and file their claims within 45 days with complete documentation.


For more details please write to us on; with copy to;


Thanks and Regards,


Deepak Gupta

Acting Executive Director




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