V. Imp : Inviting Pre-Budget Proposals for the Year 2024-25


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EPC/LIC/PRE_BUDGET_2024-25                                                 12th September 2023






V. Imp :  Inviting Pre-Budget Proposals for the Year 2024-25



Dear Members,


We have received intimation from Trade Finance Section, DOC regarding the submission of Pre-Budget Proposals for the Year 2024-25.


With this intimation, Export related Pre-Budget Proposals for Pre-Budget Exercise of the Union Government for the year 2024-25 are invited, duly filled up  in the prescribed Pro-forma (Copy enclosed).


Please consider following points while preparation/ submission of your pre-budget proposals:


i.           Budget Proposals should be complete in all respects, properly categorized and HS Codes for each commodity must be provided.

ii.          Justification given in favor of the proposals shall be restricted to 300 words and Annexures should be used, if necessary

iii.         Issues discussed year after year but never agreed to, may not be raised again.

iv.        In view of the fiscal crisis, proposals of small reduction/exemption in custom/ excise duties, service tax etc. should be avoided unless they are absolutely necessary if such reduction/exemption are necessary, then ample justification should be given.

v.          Where temporary relief has been given to some sector for particular period should be re-examined and views may be submitted on these as well.


Interested member-exporters are requested to take note of this circular and kindly forward their pre-budget proposals in the specified format with full details latest by  15th September-2023 on our e-mail id’s: ,


Your timely responses in the specified formats will enable us collate the proposals and forward to DOC for examination/ further deliberations.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully


Raghuveer Kini

Director General



Encl : Pre-budget proposal 2024-25 format