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Home» Circulars» Webinar On “letter Of Credit Lc Transactions” 28th March 2023 | Tuesday | 1500 Hrs

Webinar on “Letter Of Credit (LC) Transactions” 28th March 2023 | Tuesday | 1500 hrs


Basic Chemicals, Cosmetics & Dyes Export Promotion Council
(Set-up by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt of India)
Jhansi Castle, 4th floor, 7-Cooperage Road,   Mumbai - 400 001.
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EPC/WEBINAR/LIC/22-23                                                                                   14th March 2023 







Webinar on  “Letter Of Credit (LC) Transactions


28th March 2023 | Tuesday | 1500 hrs



Dear Sir/Madam,


Greetings from CHEMEXCIL! 


As you know Letter of Credit (LC) is most convenient method of settling the payments in international trade.


It provides complete financial security to the seller of goods. It is a document that guarantees the buyer's payment to the sellers.


The purpose of LC is to minimize risk in international trade transactions where the buyer and the seller may not know one another.


Though it is the safest method of payment nowadays in international trade but there are possible risks and frauds associated with LC transactions.


In fact, there are various problems disputes in the real practice of LC execution. The main parties, which involve in the process of letters of credit, are exporter, importer, and banks. The same as any payment pattern, all of these parties bear different risks.


In the recent past some of the exporters even after shipping the goods under a letter of credit could not get payment and the transactions caught struck in between.   


In view of above,  the Council is organizing a Webinar on Letter of Credit (LC) Transactions


The details of the webinar are as follows: 



Webinar Topic

“Letter of Credit Transactions”


Mr. K Parameswaran. Corporate Trainer & Advisor
International Trade & Finance

Day, Date & Time

Tuesday, 28th March 2023 at 15:00 Hrs

Participation Charges

(Prior Registration Mandatory)

Topics to be covered

  • Basic Concept of LC
  • Types of LC and their mechanism  
  • UCP 600 Rules
  • Presentation of discrepancy free documents (whether it is possible?)
  • Case studies


Registration Link



Please note this is a free webinar but prior registration is mandatory.


Considering the importance of the Webinar, Member-exporters are requested to participate in this awareness webinar and benefit from the same.


For any other information or clarification, please contact Mr. Vicky Moolchandani, Regional Officer, Chemexcil RO – Bengaluru or E-mail:  


Looking forward to your participation in this webinar.


Yours faithfully,


S G Bharadi
Executive Director




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