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Home» Circulars» Webinar On Bluesign® System For Chemical Suppliers 13 June 2022 Monday 1400 Hrs

Webinar on bluesign® system for Chemical Suppliers 13 June 2022 Monday 1400 hrs



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31st May, 2022 








Webinar on “bluesign® system for Chemical Suppliers”


13 June 2022| Monday | 1400 hrs


Dear Members,


Greetings from CHEMEXCIL!

The dyestuff sector is one of the important segments of the chemicals industry in India, having forward and backward linkages with a variety of sectors. The textile industry accounts for the largest consumption of dyestuffs (about 80% of the total dye production).

Textile industry is well known for consuming large amount of energy, water and natural resources. The high impact on environment has forced the textile industry to take the path of sustainability. Today, the consumers are aware about the greenhouse emission, global warming and increasing carbon footprint, which is caused due to textile production. Hence, there has been an increase in the demand for sustainable textiles.

bluesign® SYSTEM is the solution for sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the start of the manufacturing process, and it sets and controls standards for environmentally friendly and safe production. This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide but also gives consumers confidence in purchasing sustainable products. Over 28,000 chemical product risk assessments combined with company site assessments result in materials that are compliant with the bluesign® Criteria and are the basis for thousands of bluesign® APPROVED materials. 

bluesign technologies ag was founded in 2000. Since then, the bluesign® SYSTEM has been adopted by worldwide leading textile and accessory manufacturers. Various significant key players in the chemical and machine industry rely on the bluesign® SYSTEM, and well-known brands in the outdoor, sportswear and fashion industry trust the extensive knowledge and services of Bluesign.


In order to know more about this standard, the Council is organizing a webinar on “bluesign® system for Chemical Suppliers” in association with M/s. bluesign technologies ag on 13th June 2022 at 1400 hrs.


The details of the webinar are as follows:



Webinar Topic


bluesign® system for Chemical Suppliers


Expert Speaker

·         Mr. Kurt Schläpfer – Head CRM
·         Dr. Daniel Waterkamp- Product Stewardship Expert
·         Mr. Prashant Pote- CRM India

Day, Date & Time

Monday, 13 June 2022
14:00 Hrs to 15:00 Hrs

Participation Charges

(Prior Registration Mandatory)

Topics to be covered

·         bluesign system for Chemical Suppliers ,
·         Process & steps
·         Compliance with BSBL, MRSL & other RSLs, legal compliance etc

Registration Link


·         The link leads to a registration form that requires some basic information.
·         Registrations will be approved by bluesign manually.
·         Once a registrant is approved, the person will automatically receive a message from zoom containing the actual link for the webinar.
·         There will be an automated reminder 1 week and 1 day prior to the webinar sent directly from zoom.


Please note this is a free webinar but prior registration is mandatory.


Considering the importance of the Webinar, Member-exporters are requested to participate in this awareness webinar and benefit from the same.


For any query/ information, please feel free to contact Mrs Amrita Sharma, Regulatory Officer, Chemexcil, Mumbai on  Ph: +91-7718878110 E-mail:


Looking forward to your participation in this webinar.


Yours faithfully,


Deepak Gupta
Acting Executive Director




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