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Home» Circulars» Virtual Business Meeting With Chemical Organic Inorganic Importers Of Vietnam Dated 26th Oct 2021.

Virtual Business Meeting with Chemical (Organic/Inorganic) Importers of Vietnam dated 26th Oct-2021.





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EPC: PROJ: CGI-VIETNAM: BM-COV001                                    4th Oct-2021



The members of Panel-II items.
(Organic Inorganic Chemicals including Agrochemicals)



Virtual Business Meeting with Chemical (Organic/Inorganic)


Importers of Vietnam dated 26th Oct-2021.



Dear Sir/Madam,


Greetings from CHEMEXCIL!


As we all know, that the Department of Commerce of the Government of India has set export targets for various items including chemicals for each country.


In this connection, council is in receipt of communication from Consulate General of India, Vietnam whereby we understand that they are planning to hold a Virtual Business Meet for Organic & Inorganic Chemical exporters from India with Vietnamese importers, tentatively on Tuesday, Oct. 26th, 2021 in order to promote trade between Vietnam and India as the COVID-19 situation is getting better in Vietnam.


Council has decided to support this event in the interest of chemical export promotion to Vietnam.


Details of the event are follows:


Date of the event:                   

26th October 2021 (Tentative)

Product Profile:                      

Organic Inorganic Chemicals

No of Indian Participants

Maximum 15 Nos

Organizer of the event

Consulate General of India, Vietnam

Format of the event:              


 Type of the event:                  


Platform of the event:          

Zoom or Similar other

Buyer Profile

Organic Inorganic Chemicals



·          Participation in this Virtual B-2-B meet is FREE for Chemexcil members. No participation fees will be charged for this meeting.

·          Participation will be allocated strictly on a “First come first served” basis.
·          The participants will be Shortlisted by the Consulate General of India, Vietnam for further Meetings and Matchmaking.

·          Only 15-approved Indian Participants can participate in this event

·          Details of joining link to B2B platform and further information will be shared after receiving the confirmation from Consulate General of India, Vietnam

·          A company having DEL STATUS (as per DGFT) is not eligible for participation.
·          The participating company should be a Member of the Council at least for a period of 12 months and also should be a member for the Current Financial year 2021-22.

·          The Meetings are being done on a best efforts basis. All exhibitors are expected to use their commercial jurisprudence while negotiating prices, payment terms, and delivery terms. CHEMEXCIL cannot guarantee the market credibility and/or financial stability of any buyer attending these meetings.

·          CHEMEXCIL does not guarantee any 'Confirmed meetings’.


In view of above, interested members are advised to send their confirmation latest by 11th October 2021 along-with duly filled Company Profile form (Enclosed) to with copy to


In case of any further details/queries, you may contact Mr. Vicky Moolchandani, Regional Officer, Chemexcil RO, Bengaluru,  Ph: +91-8147650530 E-mail: or Prasad Arolkar, Executive Projects  Ph: 9773050470 E-mail:


Thanks and Regards

Deepak Gupta
Acting Executive Director


Company Profile Format - Vietnam








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